Facilities operations and maintenance encompasses a broad spectrum of services, competencies, processes, and tools required to assure the built environment will perform the functions for which a facility was designed and constructed. Operations and maintenance typically includes the day-to-day activities necessary for the building/built structure’s, its systems and equipment, and occupants/users to perform their intended function.

The scope of O & M includes the activities, processes, and workflows required to keep the entire built environment as contained in the organization's Real Property Inventory of mission critical facilities and their supporting infrastructure, including Data Center Infrastructure, UPS System, Battery banks, Electrical Installations & distribution system, Precision Air Conditioners, Fire & Safety System, Security Surveillance System, Voice & Data Connectivity, BMS, Automation System and Renewable energy System in a condition to be used to meet their intended function during their life cycle.

In all cases O & M requires a knowledgeable, skilled, and well trained management and technical staff and a well planned maintenance program. Fi-Tec aim of operation & maintenance is to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of customer’s mission critical infrastructure.

  • 24/7 Operation & maintenance staff.
  • Reduce capital repairs
  • Reduce unscheduled shutdowns and repairs
  • Extend equipment life, thereby extending facility life.
  • Realize life-cycle cost savings, and
  • Provide safe, functional systems and facilities that meet the design intent.