Our Filters are ingenously designed in India. It is made to withstand the rugged climatic and grid conditions of country like India. We have installed in wide range of industries covering steel, cement, foundary, textile, processing and pharma. All users are reaping immense benefits by improving their power quality. Advantages of AHF ranges from elimination of penalties to reduction in Energy costs. Our product uses the latest generation IGBT to give extended temperature of operation and extrordinary life for the equipment. To ensure robust filtering it uses Closed loop control based on rigourous filtering algorithm. It also has inbuilt capability of monitoring and reporting of faults to our centralized service team through ingenious Fault Analysis Network(FAN). We have the Industriest highest offering of Filters which showcases our ability, robustness and efficiency. Our product is available from 100Amps to 900Amps and can be interlinked up to 32 panels to increase the capacity. We are proud to state that our filters are capable of working both in Single and Three Phase.

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